Accomplished Senior Graphic Designer with a demonstrated track record in delivering impactful designs across diverse mediums. Specialising in corporate literature, marketing materials, branding, and web design, expertise includes typography, layout, logo design, and photography art direction. Proven ability to manage multiple projects from concept to final artwork production, with a successful history of creative pitching. Fully proficient in Adobe Indesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator on Apple platform, with good working knowledge of other industry-standard software and Windows platforms. Recognised for collaborative and adaptable qualities, contributing to winning bids for high-profile clients like Crest Nicholson and Stanton Williams Architects.


Graphic Design Expertise: Proven ability to deliver high-quality graphic design across various mediums, including corporate and marketing literature, reports, logotypes, guidelines, large-format graphics, and website design.

Branding and Identity: Extensive experience in creating and implementing brand identities, including logo design, logotype application, and literature guidelines.

Print and Digital Design: Proficient in designing for both print and digital platforms, with expertise in literature, competition bid/tender documents, presentation boards, and responsive front-end web design.

Typography and Layout: Strong command of typography and layout principles, ensuring visually appealing and effective communication in all design projects.

Photography Art Direction: Provides art direction for photography, enhancing the visual impact of design projects.

Project Management: Demonstrated ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously, from initial concept to final production, meeting deadlines and maintaining high standards of quality.

Creative Pitching: Successful track record in creative pitching, contributing to winning bids and competitions.


Infographics and Visual Communication: Expertise in creating engaging infographics and visual elements to convey complex information effectively.

Attention to Detail: Meticulous attention to detail in design, ensuring accuracy in artwork and document preparation.

Adaptability and Resourcefulness: Proven ability to adapt to diverse project requirements, showcasing resourcefulness and problem-solving skills.


Kant is wonderful to work with. First of all, he is very skilled and good at what he does, secondly, he is always on time with his work. As a client, he is very able to explore until we find the best solution. And that in a friendly atmosphere. I hereby give Kant the best possible score.
Henrik Frederiksen, Author

Solid and reliable.
Paul McManus, Copywriter

Kant is a very professional and experienced designer, it was a joy to work with him.
Manuela Zwingmann Wood, Canary Wharf Group

Kant is a highly motivated and capable individual who works well with various people. The standard of this work is excellent and the list of the organisations he has worked with is amazing.
David Gilmore, DG Legal

I’ve worked with Kant both in his capacity as a photographer and freelance designer numerous times over the past few years. Most recently on a shoot in the UK and the US, Kant was a fantastic partner to work with. His attention to detail, creativity, and experience make him extremely easy to work with. His ability to understand the brief, add value, and deliver great results mean I would have no hesitation in commissioning Kant for further projects or recommending him both as a photographer and designer.
Mark Smith, Creative Director